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Seagram Building
Way way up
New York's finest, Mies van der Rohe's Seagram building 1958 #usa #america #nyc #newyork #seagrambuilding #miesvanderrohe
Way way down
The highest point of the aerial tramway
Close your eyes if you've a fear of height
Seagram Building [1948-54]- New York
Fireproof Warehouse Day & Meyer Murray & Young Corp.
Roosevelt Island, between two streams of East River
Seagram Building [1948-54]- New York
Roosevelt Island Tramway
business time
To Roosevelt Island, or Queens
Stop 'n go
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About 10111 Zip Code

Zip 10111 is a localized NYC Midtown Manhattan Zip. It is home to the International Building, Carey W P & Co Inc. and the Egyptian Tourist Authority, NY; and is alternatively known as 626-636 5th Avenue.

On the Map: 41 degrees latitude and -74 degrees longitude in the Northeast region.

Breaking it Down: This Zip encloses the block made by the West 51th Street in the North and 50th Street in the South, 5th Avenue in East and an alley that joins 51st and 50th Street in the West.

Zipping Alongside: 10103, 10112, 10020, 10177, 10171 and 10172.

About Zip 10111:

The International Building: There was a theme that was established with the British Empire Building; and keeping with this theme, 630 Fifth Avenue was named the International Building. Palazzo d’Italia was the name given to its Southerly frontage that was present on Fifth Avenue. The purpose behind naming it and giving it this Internationalist Scheme was that it would help in garnering attention from tenants of different countries. Moreover, John D Rockefeller, Jr. himself believed that internationalism was the key to world peace.

This light brown skyscraper is said to stand tall at 156 odd meters. The exterior of the building is panned with uniform vertical stripes; and the limestone-clad appearance reminds you of the other original Center buildings.

Egyptian Tourist Authority: 10111 is also home of the Egyptian Tourist Authority. The ETA in NY is registered as a private company that gets its categorization under Tourist Information Bureau. As per the current estimates, this company is said to have revenues close to $500,000.

Carey W P & Co Inc: This is another offering of the Zip. This investment management company is known to provide for long term sale-leaseback. It also offers build-to-suit financing for companies the world over. Some of their clients list includes Park City Florist, GES Services Inc, Faconnable Boutique, Fifth Avenue Endonotics and Banana Republic.

Fine Dining:

Zip 10111 isn’t very well equipped in terms of its restaurants. It does, however, have a few to be proud of -

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